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For the most PET injection molding or extrusion processes the normal inline dosing principle works without the use of inline mixers. But when the plasticizing screw of theextruder or injection molding machine has a limited homogenization capability, it is beneficial to use an inline mixer.

Optimum performance with inlinemixers

Whether or not to use an inline mixer depends on the kind of plastic production process. The dosing specialists of Movacolor can give you a professional tailor made advice based on your type of production process. Movacolorhas developed a range of inline mixers that perform optimal in homogenization and coating of low melting colors or additives.

Motorized inline mixers

The motorized inline mixers in the Movacolor product range are ideal for use in the most demanding applications for both injection molding and extrusion applications. Thecomplete inline mixer construction is made of robust stainless steel, together with the small 3-phase motor this results in a compact, solid and durable end product. The inline mixer is available as single inline mixer or combined water-cooledneckpiece inline mixer.

Inline mixers for PET

For PET applications a special inline mixer is designed with integrated water cooled flanges. The inline mixer is available with the 50 mm outlet or the 90 mm outlet depending on the size of the PET processing machine. Both type of inline mixerscan be carried out with an extra water cooled flange for mounting a second Movacolor dosing unit.

Easy cleaning of inline mixers

The inline mixers have a user-friendly design which makes it easy in use. The disassemble process of the inline mixer is made simple. Just remove the 3 phase-motor of the inline mixer with the counter rotating mixer blades and all parts arereachable for maintenance and cleaning.

Inline mixers and hybrid systems

With an MCHybrid 30 or MCHybrid 200 blending and dosing system the main materials or regrinds are mixed in a compact gravimetric batch blender. Next to that the additives are dosed gravimetrically in-line, directly on the throat of the IMM or extruder.

By using the blending and dosing technology ofthe MCHybrid 30 and MCHybrid 200 in one machine, you are able to control the capacities of the main materials in any given ratio and dose materials like regrind and masterbatch at low percentages with great accuracy.