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MDS 5 Balance Powder

MDS 5 Balance Powder

Accurate and compact dosing unit for handling non-free flowing powder with ease.

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Dosing powder is one of the most difficult challenges in the field of dosing, especially when we talk about non-free-flowing powders at extreme low rates. Expensive powder additives that add high impact to your process require the best in the field of accuracy and reliability.

Movacolor has, based on its proven gravimetric technology, developed a compact powder dosing unit to do just that. It doses as low as 100 g/h, but also as high as 40 kg/h. Double spiral and hopper agitationensure trouble free dosing of the most difficult powders. And this is accomplished in both injection molding and extrusion applications.

The unit operates as a single unit, but can also be integrated into our unique modular continuousblending system, allowing to add the most difficult powders to the blend of your extruder. The MDS 5 Powder is a truly unique product in the market that makes you forget any powder dosing problem you currently might have.



MDS 5 Balance Powder
Industry 4.0 compatible
Industry 4.0 compatible

Want to connect with other machine controllers or central monitoring systems? No problem. This unit is prepared to communicate via different protocols such as OPC-UA and Profinet.

Movacolor Modular Dosing Concept
Modular system

This unit is part of the Movacolor modular dosing and blending concept and can easily be integrated and/or combined with all other Movacolor products.

Intuitive design, easy to clean
Intuitive design

Start working more efficiently quickly. This unit is supplied pre-configured and can be operated without extensive training.

Accurate up to 0.02%
High accuracy

Gain full control over your material input with our proven accurate dosing technology.

Produce more consistently
High efficiency

Reduce waste and save costs by producing more consistently.


0.1-40 kg/h*


Up to 0,02%


Injection molding, Extrusion


Configurable with hopper loader, Part of the Movacolor modular dosing concept


Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet


8" full colour touch screen controller, Internal memory for static changes, Logging software for dynamic changes, Store up to 1000 recipies, Multilingual


Supply: 95-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz. By integrated automatic voltage selector. Consumption: 150 kw/h maximum




Modular, stainless steel, Easy to remove hassle free hopper, Compact and robust, Made in the Netherlands

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