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Why Pixelhobby chose a gravimetric feeder from Movacolor

Pixelhobby is a producer of plastic hobby products and is located in Wervershoof in the north of the Netherlands. Pixelhobby develops and produces colored, fully-recyclable pixel mats made of 94% natural sugar cane. The mats can be used to create all sorts of mosaic images.

Paul Verschoor, Managing Director of Pixelhobby, explains why Pixelhobby chose the MCBalance more than 10 years ago: "At Pixelhobby, we create pixel mats with 140 pixels in 300 different colors. You can place these pixels on a base plate and then theoretically create any image you like. Pixelhobby develops, produces and markets hobby products to various retail chains in Europe and even outside of Europe.

We have more than 300 different colors. Therefore, it is important for us to have high-quality coloring equipment. Once we saw the MCBalance from Movacolor in action, we immediately switched to this type of accurate gravimetric dosing unit for all our machines.

The ease of calibration of the MCBalance is so good that we actually calibrate with each new color. This allows us to be 100% sure that we have no run in the color tones. We change colors multiple times per day. With the MCBalance, that goes very quickly and easily. That's why we are very satisfied with the MCBalance from Movacolor."


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