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Open House Saturday September 8, 2018

Always wanted to have a look behind the doors of Movacolor? This is your chance! Visit our Open House at Saturday September 8 from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs at our new sustainable building at Wolkammersstraat 5 in Sneek. The new building has been build 100 percent sustainable and equipped with solar panels, top cooling, floor heating and heat pumps.

Invitation Open House Movcolor September 8, 2018

At Movacolor in Sneek about 45 employees work daily on the development, manufacturing and marketing of software and dosing equipment for plastic producers over the whole world.

Sustainability is always very important during this process. Thats why we for example develop products that enable our customers to reuse plastic in their production process. This can also be done with the plastic waste that is being fished from the oceans or canals of Amsterdam.

Now you think: dosing equipment for the plastic industry, what is that exactly? That we can explain to you on September 8. At our Open House there is a lot to do for children as well as adults. You can see how we develop and make our products, how they look and what they do. There are also lot's of nice activities and food trucks. 

So come and visit us at the Wolkammersstraat 5 in Sneek at Saturday September 8. Hope to see you then!


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