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Movacolor launches new dosing concept: the MCHybrid

Movacolor recently launched its MCHybrid (*): a cross-over between a batch blender and in-line dosing combining the benefits of both systems: “The best of two worlds”.

Two main components are blended in an ultra compact batch blender with a maximum capacity of 350 kg/h, allowing accurate mixing of two main materials or a main material and a regrind in any ratio. The color or additives are finally added in-line to achieve maximum accuracy and easy color change as we are used to with in-line dosing systems. Also liquids and (non-free-flowing) powders can be added in this way.

The MCHybrid currently handles up to 4 components, 2 in batch and 2 in-line and is a 100% gravimetric system. The control of the total system is via our 8" full color touch screen with simple operating menu and full recipe functionality.

* patent pending

MCHybrid key features:

  • Capacity up to 350 kg/h
  • Ultra compact
  • Gravimetric control of all components
  • High accuracy of the additives, also at extreme low %
  • Easy color change
  • Works with granulates, regrinds, liquids and (non-)free-flowing powders

Visit MCHybrid for more information and please contact us to see how it can benefit your business!


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