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MCPowder: product update and launch

New features MCPowder

15-8-2017 - New features MCPowder

Movacolor recently launched its improved MCPowder gravimetric unit. The driving of the agitator has been changed to a full gear drive train with improved double seals.

We now also offer a double spiral, intermeshing auger for this unit. This new feature allows dosing the most difficult powders at a range from 50 g/h to 25 kg/h. The MCPowder can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated in our multi component systems and MCHybrid

Product launch MCPowder High Output

Movacolor has launched a new high output powder dosing unit with a capacity from 10 kg/h to 450 kg/h. The unit is fully gravimetric and designed to function under the most difficult circumstances.

The stainless steel hopper is standard 25 L and can be enlarged to 50 L. The unit can be used to dose a wide variety of powders, such as CaCO2 and chalk, but also many other non-free-flowing powders.

The MCPowder High Output can be integrated into our multi component systemsand can be combined with our special in-line mixer to create perfect dispersion.

Product launch MCPowder High Output   Product launch MCPowder High Output

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