Where would we be in a world without color?

At Movacolor, just the thought of it turns us pale. Color is what we’re all about and also our source of inspiration. Without color, life would be pretty boring – and many plastic products wouldn’t be very pretty either. All the same, we see our colorful field of business in the right perspective: a sustainable perspective.

Major advantages, major disadvantages

Plastic has its advantages. But Movacolor doesn’t ignore its disadvantages either. How far do we want to go in using our planet’s natural resources for plastics and colorants? If you’re willing to think hard enough about sustainability, you can do a lot about it. Our dosing technologies are a clear demonstration of this.

Waste? No way!

Movacolor’s dosing machines are designed to optimize the use of material right down to the microgram. For us, waste is not an option. When it comes to the dosing precision of our machines, we really go the extra mile, and the same goes for recycling material into regrind. Our dosing systems are also modular. This makes it easy to up or downsize by reusing the components we already have. What’s more, these components are really built to last. Replacement is more a question of decades than years.

100% energy neutral

OK, enough about the visible proof of how we think about sustainability as it relates to our products. We can also mention some less visible proof. This is located along the A7 highway near the Dutch town of Sneek. It’s our new 100% energy-neutral building. By using solar panels, heat pumps, peak cooling and under-floor heating, our production has totally eliminated the need for fossil fuel. Now that we’ve gone 100% electric, we’re promoting the use of electric vehicles. We installed six charging stations for electric cars and another six for e-bikes, all available without cost to visitors and personnel.


Ninety percent of the production materials supplied to our energy-neutral site comes from suppliers within a 50-kilometer radius of Sneek. And any other provisions we need? We buy them only from local sources. That’s what we mean by doing something about sustainability. Will we start calling our approach ‘MCSustainable’? Not really, but that doesn’t mean we’re not proud of it. Hopefully, we’ll be setting an inspiring example for other businesses who occupy our colorful world - but a world with limited resources.