What's in a name? Some companies call themselves the market leader. Others see themselves as a game changer. Are they thinking big ('larger than life') or small ('saving you every penny')? What about Movacolor? We're the controller. This doesn't sound very exciting, but we're still proud of it. Why? Because plastic manufacturers throughout the world are benefitting from our commitment to ultimate dosing control.

How accurate do you have to be?

Control? We take control to the extreme. In the plastics industry, this means the same as dosing accurately right down to the pellet. Just the smallest color deviation can lead to a financial nightmare scenario involving huge batches of rejected products. Welcome to our colorful world where the stakes are high and the margins for error small.

Gravimetric pioneers


Having constant control over their production process for constant product quality: plastic manufacturers will settle for nothing less. At Movacolor, we’ve known this for around thirty years - long enough to make the concept of process control the basis for our production location in the Dutch town of Sneek.

For a level-headed producer in one of the Netherlands’ northern provinces (where people pride themselves on their common sense), this might sound like boasting. Yet the facts back this up. We were among the first producers in the world to apply gravimetric dosing technology to find solutions for the plastics industry. Since then, this technology has become the industry standard.

A very meaningful fascination

Such an emphasis on process control and dosing precision: there’s got to be something fascinating here. Well, for us at least. For plastic manufacturers, it means nothing less than a real biggie: cost efficiency.

They know that for them, Movacolor’s passion for control pays. Our gravimetric dosing machines continuously monitor the preset dosage as compared with the actual dosage. They do this not only in real-time but down to the microgram.

Going that extra mile


We wouldn’t be Movacolor if we weren’t committed to the ultimate in control. And we discovered it in the form of monitoring and reporting software. A good example is MCSmart, our 24/7 data logging tool for monitoring, quality control and materials management.

MCSmart controls the performances of all the gravimetric Movacolor dosing systems operated by one to hundreds (if desired) of touchscreen controllers. And the process data? It can still be retrieved months later. It’s simply in our DNA. For the ultimate in dosing control and precision, we’ll always go that extra mile.

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