Are you doubting about buying or testing an MCBalance gravimetric feeder? We have asked some of our customers why they chose Movacolor’s gravimetric feeder. Some of these customers used volumetric feeders and some of them batch blenders before switching to the MCBalance. But why did they switch? We listed the top 5 reasons for you!

1. Less faulty products

There is no doubt that you always strive for the lowest percentage of faulty products at the end of production process. Our MCBalance is equipped with our continuous loss-in-weight measurement technology and therefor provides a very stable production process. Customers confirm that continuous loss-in-weight measurement helps them to maintain a more stable production with less color deviation.

2. Meet the assumed color consumption

Do you recognize the situation where you calibrate your volumetric feeder, but at production you give it a few additional RPM’s just to be sure you put enough colorant in your products? This will increase your Masterbatch consumption significantly. The MCBalance will put exactly 1.323 % masterbatch into the main material stream when you tell this gravimetric feeder to do so. Our customers tell us that the MCBalance gives them the right color with the least amount of colorant.

3. User friendly

According to our customers the user friendliness of a gravimetric feeder is very important. When it comes down to our MCBalance, they say that our touch screen controller is very comprehensible. By just altering 2 or 3 parameters on the home screen of the touch screen controller the complete dosing system is ready for a different production run. Operators mention they really like the self-correcting features and recipe function of the MCBalance.

4. Fast color change

Discard a color from the hopper, clean the unit and ready to run with the new color? With the MCBalance gravimetric feeder this is possible within 60 seconds! Maybe even faster for the trained operator. Some of our customers are running more than 35 colors a day. No wonder they like our fast and spill free color change. We even supply systems for color change on the fly, which makes you don’t need to stop your production process anymore.

5. The "Easy to's"

And last but not least the “Easy to’s” of our MCBalance gravimetric feeder, we hear them a lot from our customers. Although we could write a full blog about the “Easy to’s”, we will pin them down to one paragraph. Let’s have a look at some examples:

The MCBalance is easy to…

  • Clean
  • Maintain
  • Disassemble
  • Use

I hope you liked reading our first “The 5 reasons why…” blog. Did we get you interested to test our MCBalance gravimetric feeder? Request a free trial today!

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