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3D animation of MCContinuous Blender by Movacolor

Movacolor has developed a 3D-animation of the MCContinuous Blender. The animation explains how this unique modular in-line blender system and material measuring system works. You can use the 3D-animation as a tool to explain to your customers or co-workers how this system can be used in a particular extrusion set-up.

The MCContinuous Blender allows you to put together a full gravimetric continuous blending system. Up to 15 components can be controlled from one controller. This system can be installed on one extruder or on multiple co-extruders, creating a control platform for multiple MCContinuous Blenders in one system.

The MCContinuous Blender covers most of the available materials like granulates, regrinds, powders and liquids. All this in one system, with one standard controller and integrated loader control.

The 3D-animation can be found at the download page of the Movacolor website and Youtube.


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