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Gravimetric dosage system for maximum control

A volumetric dosing unit offers control. A gravimetric dosing system provides maximum control for injection molding and extrusion. The actual measurement of loss-in-weight ensures optimal control over the production process. It means savings on colorants, higher efficiency, more stability and a sustainable solution in coloring with masterbatch, powder, regrind and liquid.

What is the main advantage of a gravimetric dosing system?

Control is by far the most important advantage for choosing a gravimetric dosing unit. It offers you control in terms of:

  • Costs. A gravimetric dosage system can have a return on investment of 6 months.
  • Savings. Plastic producing companies can save up to 50% on colorants. Using a gravimetric dosing systems reduces faults and waste.
  • Stability. The gravimetric controls in combination with the dosing cylinder and the stepper motor ensure a stable process. This means less downtime and less waste.
  • Functionality. A gravimetric dosing unit is easy to work with. One can change colorants in about 60 seconds.
  • Design. It is robust and easy to clean. The gravimetric units can be easily upgraded as a result of the modular design. One can equip up to 6 gravimetric dosing units for dosing different additives.
  • Online monitoring. With the MCSmart one can communicate with all Movacolor gravimetric dosing systems for data logging, quality control, tracing errors and process control.
  • Sustainability. Savings of colorants has a positive environmental effect. A gravimetric system handles also regrind which results in less waste.

Save costs using a gravimetric dosing system
Get in control off the production process
Dosing units for easy operation

Gravimetric dosing small amounts of additives (0,07 gr/h) to high dosages (1000 kg/h)

Whether your production process of PET preforms, caps and closures, toys, household, automotive, packaging, medical, profiles, pipes, cables, sheets, film and other applications require an accurate dosed small output or a high output: gravimetric control offers the best solution. Through the continues measurement of loss in weight one reduces the external factors that can influence the end product.

Which gravimetric dosage system offers the best solution for injection molding or extrusion?

The unit which offers the best solution depends on your production process. The advantage of the Movacolor technology is that one can easily adjust or upgrade the system. All Movacolor gravimetric dosing units are based on the proven technology of the MCBalance. This in-line, loss in weight precision dosing system is based on years of experience in a wide variety of production types.

MCBalance – Single component gravimetric loss in weight feeder

This unit can be upgraded up to 6 units who form a gravimetric multi component dosing system. This system allows you to dose up to 6 additives at the same time all based on loss in weight. The output varies from 0,07 to 180 kg/h measured with normal granular masterbatch 0.8 kg/dm3.

More about the single component dosing unit and everything you need to know about a multi-component dosing system

MCTwin – Dosing regrind and masterbatch at the same time

The MCTwin allows to dose rejects and sprouts as regrind together with the masterbatch. The units adjust automatically in order to produce end products without color variation.

Dosing masterbatch and regrind and the same time

MCPowder – High precision gravimetric dosing system for non-free-flowing powders

The MCPowder can dose as low as 100 grams per hour, but at the same time up to 40 kg/hr. Double spiral or auger and hopper agitation ensures a trouble free dosing of the most difficult powders.

Dosing non-free flowing powders

MCHigh Output – The gravimetric high output of this unit varies from 50 to 1000 kg/h

This dosing system allows you to control even high outputs and reduce the waste of colorants.

Accurate dosing of high output

MCWeight – Measuring the actual speed capacity of the extruder

Available in a version for masterbatch, regrind and a version for pourable powder. The MCWeight can be combined with one or more MCBalances.

MCWeight masterbatch and regrind
MCWeight powder

MCContinuous Blender – Unique modular in-line blender system

The MCContinuous Blender is a unique modular system which allows to put together a full gravimetric continuous blending system for outputs up to 2000 kg/hr. Up to 12 components can be controlled from one control system.

Fully gravimetric continuous blending system

MCLine Control – Fully integrated yield control for extrusion lines

MCLine Control continuously guards the material throughput, product meter weight and speed per minute, by controlling extruder and haul-off.

Full control of extrusion lines

MCLiquid – Gravimetric dosing technology for liquid colorants

It automatically compensates variations in viscosity or process changes. Also ideal for dosing aggressive fluids. It is self-priming and dry-running and handles 0,01-13 ml/sec, measured using water (22⁰C) with Norprene and Tygon tubing.

Dosage system for liquid dosing



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