Toys applications

Producers of toys need high precision in dosing and stability. From the smallest parts to the largest toys they need to change colors quickly. With a gravimetric, optometric or volumetric dosing system one is able to change colors within 60 seconds. 

The most accurate dosing system for toys in injection molding or extrusion

This capability is enhanced when a gravimetric dosing unit is installed on the injection molding machine or extruder and one doesn’t need to calibrate the dosage system manually. Overdosing of critical components will never happen again. Your quality standards are ensured. Do you want to save on masterbatch or free flowing powder and reduce waste at the same time? The MCTwin is a well proven dosing technology which allows to dose masterbatch or powder and dose regrind at the same time.

Product line Movacolor gravimetric en volumetric dosing systems

Movacolor develops and markets gravimetric dosing systems for toys production:

Movacolor develops and markets optometric dosing units for toys production:

Movacolor develops and markets volumetric dosing units for toys production:

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