Profiles applications

The Movacolor inline volumetric and gravimetric dosing units are designed for accurate dosing of masterbatch, free flowing PVC powder and regrind in extrusion. Plastic producers that produce profiles need to be ensured of a constant flow of colorant and a dosage system that offers control. Movacolor volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems offer just that combination. 

Volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems for high quality profiles

Movacolor’s more than 20 years of experience in dosing technology has resulted in fine-tuned controls for extrusion. In combination with the dosing cylinder and stepper motor, our systems ensure control over the production process of profiles. The continuous loss-in-weight dosing and measuring gives you better control over the total production process of profiles. Movacolor has dosing and metering systems for both forced feed or starve feed extruders. The touch screen control makes it possible to operate all units in a system by just one controller.

Product line Movacolor gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems

Movacolor develops and markets gravimetric dosing units for profiles producers:

Movacolor develops and markets volumetric dosing units for profiles producers:

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