Packaging applications

Color or quality variation is quite a common problem in plastic packaging. Movacolor has the solution. We have over twenty years of experience developing and producing gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems that prevent variation in color. Gravimetric control offers maximum control also at extreme low dosing percentages of 0,01%.

High quality coloring for injection molded or extruded plastic packaging

Do you need high quality, consistent coloring in plastic packaging as well as a stable production process? Movacolor specializes in dosing masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid. Movacolor has developed gravimetric dosing systems and volumetric dosing systems that are capable of meeting the highest standards of producers of plastic packaging.

Product line Movacolor gravimetric en volumetric dosage systems

Movacolor develops and markets gravimetric dosing systems for plastic packaging production:

Movacolor develops and markets volumetric dosing units for plastic packaging production:

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