Other plastic applications

Our website contains many examples of possible applications of our products, but certainly not all the possible variations. Our customers in injection molding and extrusion produce a wide variety of plastic products. They also dose a wide variety of additives and require dosing systems that can handle this. 

Dosing system for your specific production process

Most customers can easily find the gravimetric, optometric or volumetric Movacolor dosing system that best suits their injection molding or extrusion process since we are specialized in creating solutions using our advanced dosing technology.

As a customer, you benefit from our knowledge, expertise and experience when we create systems designed specifically for your accurate and stable dosing requirements. Movacolor has a specialized engineering team to address customers using additives that are quite difficult to dose or very specialized plastic production processes. Our experts design new products as well as customized dosing systems and dosing accessories to meet the needs of our customers.

Product line Movacolor gravimetric en volumetric dosing units

Movacolor develops and markets gravimetric dosing systems for the production of plastic parts:

Movacolor develops and markets optometric dosing units for plastic parts:

Movacolor develops and markets volumetric dosing systems for plastic parts:

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