Household applications

Do you produce household appliances with an injection molding machine or blow film extruder? Then you already know that you require a stable dosing system that doses masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid very accurately. Consistent high quality of the household appliances is a must for manufacturers of plastic household appliances worldwide. 

Gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing units for household appliances

Movacolor offers this level of control In our wide product range of gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems that can be used as single or multi component system. Gravimetric systems, single or multi component, with optional closed loop regrind dosing can simply be operated from one touch screen controller. 

When developing a dosing system, we at Movacolor always keep in mind that ease of use is important to operators worldwide. On our systems, color changes can be made within 60 seconds and the modular design allows for quick and easy upgrades when required.

Product line Movacolor gravimetric en volumetric dosage systems

Movacolor develops and produces gravimetric dosing systems for producing household appliances:

Movacolor develops and produces optometric dosing units for producing household appliances:

Movacolor develops and produces volumetric dosing units for producing household appliances:

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