caps and closures applications

Time is money when producing caps and closures. At high speeds, an injection molding machine or extruder produces thousands of caps and closures. High quality and accurate dosing is therefore extremely important. 

Gravimetric or volumetric dosing system for caps and closures

Producers of caps and closures prefer a dosing unit that is stable and cost effective. Movacolor offers gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing units which meet the high standards of the producers of caps and closures.

Movacolor dosage systems for coloring caps and closures can handle different types of additives like masterbatch, powder, regrind and slip additives. The gravimetric dosing systems can vary from one to four components. With the proven gravimetric control, one can prevent problems like color variation. The result is constant color quality and savings in the use of colorants. 

“By exchanging the previous dosing system by Movacolor, we have reduced our scrap rate with 80%”

Product line Movacolor gravimetric en volumetric dosing units

Movacolor develops and markets gravimetric dosing systems for caps and closures production:

Movacolor develops and markets optometric dosing units for caps and closures production:

Movacolor develops and markets volumetric dosing units for caps and closures production:

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